The Best Six Water Resistant Jackets You Can Get Now

One of the most dreadful times living close to the equator belt is that nearing the end of the year, rainy season is coming – and more often than not, it is coming hard. And while those who need raincoats are mostly motorcycle drivers, it doesn’t mean the other commuters are bound to be dry all the time. We compiled six of the best jackets made with water resistant materials that you can get right now.


NikeLab Collection – Wet Reveal

The sports label not only came up with a water resistant outer that looks good, but also one that looks even better when it’s wet. We kid you not, under the pouring rain, the surface will reveal a grid pattern – it’s like you changed identity in an instant!

Uniqlo – Reversible Parka

With  all its subtlety and clean silhouettes, Uniqlo is definitely a savior for many who prefer to have it simple. But who says they can’t be crafty? Like this unassuming parka which not only water resistant but also reversible. Two styles in one!

The North Face – Venture 2 Jacket

It’s really a no brainer to put down an outdoor activity specialist like TNF into this list – they have a dedicated page just for rainwears, we need to put the extra hour just to pick one. Eventually this one won the vote thanks to it’s variations of color combos, and the compact folding compartment.

Under Armour – UA Perpetual Full Zip Jacket

Another sportswear, this one is for those who doesn’t care about any weather change even if it disturbs your exercise regime. Everything about its design element is to enhance your performance – from the mesh vent to the longer hem. UA themselves call this the perfect jacket.

Pull & Bear – Fur-lined Hooded Parka

A little cheeky in your style won’t hurt – besides who said we here in the tropics can’t wear faux fur and shearling lining? Also, the design on this one is really nice, a combination of mountainside and port city couture, but in a very casual way.

Timberland – 3 in 1 Fishtail Parka

The “three-in-one” is no joke at all. This one piece has nearly everything you need in a climate change ready outerwear. From a layered system that can be combined or used separately, materials that are water and wind resistant, practical pockets – and not to mention it’s really sick looking.