Justin Bieber’s Style File

Almost past a decade ago, Justin Bieber was just an aspiring young Canadian singer with dreamy bangs who was walking the red carpet with Usher. Now he’s become not just one of music’s biggest pop icon but also a world-famous style icon.

Justin Bieber is famous (or infamous) for many things—one of those being his eye-catching personal style. Whether he’s sporting Drew House or mixing up his ensembles, the singer’s streetwear is must-see. While waiting for his confirmed concert tour announcement in 2020, we take a look at some of his best style:

White As Snow – 2011

During the start of his career, the color purple was easily associated with Justin’s choice of color-which makes seeing him in another color something exceptional. During 2011’s Grammy, he turned up with all-white three-piece suit with a big twist: a big white high-top sneaker. Goes to show how Justin just love his sneakers…

Turning Heads – 2011

In 2012, Biebs did not only chopped his bangs but also released his third studio album, “My World”. The album seemed to have a profound effect to how Justin Bieber dresses as it is heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture–especially in terms of accessorizing. Sophisticated jackets, vest, hats and sharp glasses, snapback hats, necklace to even a gold watch would soon become an upgrade of his style. Signs that Biebs has reached new height of fame.

Gang Green Gang – 2014

Justin makes color coordinating seem effortlessly easy to pull by donning an all-Balmain olive green get up over a white t-shirt. And its not just about the color, but what makes this a kind of color coordinating on another level is all about fabric and design play. Talk about looking like a pop star from the feature.


Once Upon A Shangri-La – 2015

The clear sign that Justin has absolutely matured (at least in terms of his style) is when he switched vest and sneakers during red carpets to an absolutely classy designer suit–courtesy of Balmain.

20th Century Greaser – 2015

By this point we’ve learned that Justin Bieber’s styling statement has always been about the outers and the shoes. Rocking a new hair do, Biebs pulls off a leather jacket combo with distressed denim and what looks like a suede chelsea boots that reinterprets what a modern greaser looks like.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – 2015

Making his return after a period of hiatus in 2015, he started meddling with band and icon t-shirts with oversized cuts as well as distressed jeans which added a more grunge feel to his street look. White sneakers also become an essential part of his style, whether he’s rocking a Vans or other brands.

The O.G Hypebeast – 2016

The Purpose Tour was a time when Justin Bieber gave the world the spectacle of Hypebeast style consisting mostly of customized Fear Of God numbers.

Chelsea Man – 2017

Who ever thought Justin Bieber could dress so simple? Plain white t-shirt, ripped grey jeans and it’s all about the Saint Lauren chelsea boots. He’s probably carrying the tote bag just to downplay his coolness level.

Drew Bieber – 2020

Last but not least, we’ve finally reached the end of this list and the height of JB’s style evolution: Justin wearing his own Drew sweater and a retro Lakers jakcet with some robotic specs and sport beanie.

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