The Anatomy of Martin Henderson, the New Addition to “Grey’s Anatomy”

THE DOCTOR IS IN THE HOUSE. New Zealand actor Martin Henderson talks joining the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” and staying true to his roots amid the glitz and glam of showbiz


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Suit by Hugo Boss, shirt by John Varvatos, pocket square by O’Harrow Clothiers


As more and more Indonesian actors make their way to Hollywood, interest in how their peers from other nations fare at the global hub of showbiz is at an all-time high. But while a lot of attention has gone to talents from major Asian countries and Europe (especially the UK), there are plenty of impressive success stories from our neighbors down South. Martin Henderson’s is one such tale.

Born in Auckland, he started out playing in New Zealand and Australian productions before venturing to Los Angeles in the late ‘90s. It wasn’t long before he started to land bigger and bigger roles, including 2002’s hit horror movie “The Ring” to 2015’s “Everest.” Last year also saw Henderson take up what just might be his most iconic role yet, as the newest doctor in the popular medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”


DA MAN: Hi, Martin. So, you’re now the newest member of “Grey’s Anatomy.” What’s it like being part of a series that’s often described as a phenomenon instead of just a show?
Martin Henderson: It’s great! I’m so happy to be joining such a well-loved show with such a loyal and passionate fan base. It’s inspiring and motivating knowing people care so much about the characters.

DA MAN: Can you tell us a bit about your character, Dr. Nathan Riggs, and maybe any big plot twists he’ll be involved in?
Martin Henderson: To be completely honest with you, I have very little insight into who Nathan is other than what we have already shot. And much to Shonda Rhimes’ credit, he is rather mysterious, and each episode offers a new clue that keeps me guessing. He is clearly a very good surgeon and a good guy, but there are definitely things in his past that he regrets and is still paying for.


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