That Gucci 60’s Sci-Fi Campaign

GUCCI AND BEYOND. Gucci’s latest ad campaign for its fall 2017 collection takes inspiration from classic 60’s sci-fi shows

Looking at Gucci’s fall 2017 collection, you would think the attire would be better suited for a garden party, but Alessandro Michele decided to take his latest designs out of this world, literally. Finding inspiration from classic sci-fi shows such as “Star Trek”, “Lost in Space”, “Land of the Giants” and many others, Michele showcases his latest collection in a psychedelic technicolor ad campaign filled with aliens, monsters, robots, dinosaurs and of course his latest bright designs.

Photographed and directed by Glen Luchford, with art direction by Christopher Simmonds, the ad campaign is sure to grab any viewer’s attention. Yet, despite being a good visual romp through an era that many millennials would sure to be unfamiliar with. But like in its previous campaign, this writer just has one problem with it, and that’s the soundtrack. Although the opening opus envisions grandeur, reminiscent of a major discovery founded by a Captain Kirk expedition, the following psychedelic beats sound more like an action packed police show from that era. Yet, despite that it does seem fitting for the intense visions being depicted in the ad.



To get a better feel for Gucci’s latest ad, check the video blow and watch out for the iconic screaming cat.