Tête-à-tête with self-starter model Miles Nightingale

Young, passionate and ambitious, Miles Nightingale is on a mission to conquer the modeling world

Pants by Greg Lauren

Miles Nightingale’s career in the modeling business is, to put it mildly, promising, as he channels his passion and drive into a new artistic endeavor. Thanks to his youth and determination, he’s poised to leave his mark in the fashion industry and showcase his unique style for the world to see. Recently, DA MAN had the opportunity to meet the up and coming model.

DAMAN: Tell us about how you got into modeling…
Miles Nightingale: After playing sports my entire life as an allaround athlete, I always dreamed of pursuing modeling and acting. My extroverted personality, strong character and love for being in front of the camera have always led me to my goal of being in the entertainment business. To be able to influence others and express who I am through fashion and acting is what I strive for.

Pants by DKNY; Sunglasses by John Varvatos

DA: What has been your favorite modeling campaign, show or project so far?
MN: One of my favorite projects I’ve worked on was with Cartier, as they are one of my favorite watch brands. It was a huge pleasure to work with a major company that I highly respect.

Pants by AG Jeans; Necklace by The Steel Shop

DA: What do you consider your greatest strength, and how do you leverage that in your work?
MN: One of my greatest strengths as a model is my confidence and ability to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Being versatile and able to wear different styles and looks but express them differently puts me in front of others.

Pants by Greg Lauren

DA: How do you prepare for a casting or audition and stand out from other candidates?
MN: Before going to my castings, I have a ritual of a nice early workout. I also love a nice cup of black coffee to start the day strong. Before I get ready for my castings—I typically wear a black tank top and black pants with white shoes—I take a nice cold shower and do my skincare routine to help me feel clean and fresh.

Pants by Demobaza; Shoes by Grenson x PHIPPS

DA: Has there ever been a project that really creatively challenged you? How did you approach it?
MN: It would be a shoot I did in Malibu on the beach. The mood board was very masculine but elegant at the same time. I wore dressy button-up clothing while climbing huge rocks. It challenged my skills in holding certain positions while making the clothes look natural and good. But these are the shoots I love the most, as I strive to be the best at what I do.

Pants by Greg Lauren

DA: How do you balance your passion for modeling and acting with your commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
MN: Keeping in mind that my body is my temple and that I make a living off it, I have found that all three go hand-in-hand. Keeping my body right for modeling, acting and longevity as I want to have a good, strong, healthy career.

Pants by DKNY; Necklace by The Steel Shop

DA: How do you incorporate your personal style and fashion sense into your modeling work?
MN: Incorporating my style and fashion sense into my work is very important. Whether it’s bringing certain looks or outfits that I have put together and created specific mood boards and styles to express my fashion sense, to setting up my social media pages in a way that portrays my style and fashion sense so people get a good understanding of my aesthetic and get to know who I am a bit more.

Vest by AG Jeans; Briefs by PHIPPS

DA: What do you think is the future of the male modeling business? How will this world evolve as we move forward?
MN: I think more fashion designers, brands, etc. are becoming increasingly relevant regarding style. With new influences and trends coming out all the time, my comfort, confidence and passion for modeling will put me in a good spot to move ahead in this industry.

Hoodie by Saint Red; Pants by King & Tuckfield

DA: Lastly, what are your longterm modeling career goals?
MN: My long-term goal is to work with huge brands such as Burberry, Dior and Calvin Klein. Not only do I have many companies I dream of working with but being able to travel the globe and experience the world through my modeling career is a big goal of mine. Constantly working on pushing to build my portfolio and relationships, all while also keeping my body and mind as sharp as possible, has helped me get closer and closer to achieving my goals. Staying ambitious and hungry for what I want and who I want to be is another critical point for my success.