TAG Heuer Enhances its Connected Watches family with Three New Models

The Swiss luxury watchmaker invites customers to enhance their individual lifestyles with three new Connected Watches

Back in 2015, TAG Heuer essentially introduced the luxury connected watch concept. Since then, the brand has introduced a variety of models, each a marked improvement from its predecessor. For 2020, TAG Heuer has released connected watches built on the success of the elegant smartwatch line with new designs, new materials and—most importantly—cutting edge functionality. The models in question are namely the third-generation TAG Heuer Connected, the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition and the TAG Heuer Connected Summer-Inspired Edition. With each connected watch, TAG Heuer offers customers a striking and versatile wristwatch to enhance their individual lifestyles.

The Third-generation TAG Heuer Connected

TAG Heuer launched the third generation of its luxury connected watches earlier this year. This time around, the watch comes with a 45mm case in either stainless steel or titanium—in order to echo the distinct design of TAG Heuer chronographs—and five always-on mechanical or digital-inspired TAG Heuer watch faces for the screen. Powered by Google’s Wear OS, this watch supports its wearer throughout every activity of their day with invaluable services.

For one, physical activity is recorded with maximal precision and accuracy thanks to top-of-the-line sensors, including a new non-medical-grade heart-rate monitor, made of high-tech resin and naturally integrated into the case-back. More importantly, wearers can track their activities directly through the watch with key metrics such as speed, pace, distance, heart rate and splits displayed in real time in the Sports app and as an overview in the TAG Heuer Sports tiles.

To top it off, users can then gain detailed insights into their performance through the TAG Heuer mobile application, and even synchronize their data with Apple Health or Strava. Overall, with the perfect balance between a reliable instrument for a connected lifestyle and measured performance, this is the ideal option for the watch enthusiast with a passion for action.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition

Back in June, TAG Heuer introduced the Golf Edition as part of the third generation of its Connected watches. This is the second time that the Swiss luxury watch brand has created a watch specifically for the golf community; the first edition was presented back in 2019 together with the launch of the best-in-class TAG Heuer Golf app and became an immediate hit. Combining advanced watchmaking technology with a proven passion for golf and the world of sports, the brand unveiled a one-of-a kind timepiece thoughtfully crafted to boost a player’s game and stand out on the course or beyond.

The TAG Heuer Golf app is only one of the myriad functions that this timepiece has to offer. The aforementioned app is packed with features to help master the course, such as 3D mapping, hazards distance, shot tracking, scorecards, pro stats and the new Driving Zone feature.

In addition to golf, the newly introduced TAG Heuer Sports application also supports tracking for running, cycling, walking or fitness sessions, with even more activities on the way. Designed, developed and optimized for players of the world’s number one individual sport, the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition is the ultimate timepiece for golf enthusiasts and lovers of fine watchmaking.

TAG Heuer Connected Summer-Inspired Edition

Following the launch of the third-generation TAG Heuer Connected and, more recently, the Connected Golf Edition in June, TAG Heuer unveiled the new Connected Summer-Inspired Edition. This time, the watch comes in three stylish models, new colorful watch faces and two bright interchangeable straps. The three new 45mm models immediately stand out thanks to their unique aesthetic. They include two stainless-steel options with a deep blue ceramic bezel and either a steel bracelet or a sporty blue rubber strap. The third option rounding the ensemble comes in lightweight sand-blasted titanium on a durable black rubber strap.

Interestingly, the smartwatch can be further customized thanks to a variety of original watch faces created in-house to echo the TAG Heuer brand aesthetic and spirit. Speaking of which, these elegant digital watch faces now include bright color variations of the six designs currently available in the core collection, and an entirely new watch face named Helios.


Ultimately, the TAG Heuer Connected Watch present a unique combination of the refinement and elegance of a chronograph-inspired timepiece crafted in the purest watchmaking tradition, with a state-of-the-art, custom-designed digital experience geared towards performance. Appropriately, the new models highlighted above showcase the perfect balance between advanced digital technology and renowned watchmaking skill. In short, TAG Heuer establishes itself once again as the leader of luxury connected watches for 2020 and beyond.