TAG Heuer Announces New Features For Its Connected Golf Edition

The Swiss luxury watch brand has revamped and upgraded its popular Connected Golf Edition with an improved mapping and an innovative club recommendation tool

When it comes to the TAG Heuer Connected Golf edition, the watch truly underscores the brand’s passion for sports and solidifies its leadership in the luxury smartwatch segment. Recently, the Swiss luxury watch brand has just unveiled new features for this popular Golf Edition: An enhanced maps and an exciting club recommendation tool.

For the former, TAG Heuer Golf has always visually stood out with its unique mapping technology, displaying interactive 2D maps on the watch, and realistic 3D courses on the phone. However, the brand now brings the experience to another level with its upgraded 2D maps that shows even more details, including forests and single trees.

To top it off, the mobile application also comes with massive 3D map improvements, as all textures (water, rough, fairway, etc) and assets (trees, walls, etc) have been upgraded both on Android and iOS. Particularly for the latter, TAG Heuer innovated by using SceneKit—the latest Apple high-level 3D graphics framework—to make the 3D renderings more detailed than ever.

Aside to that, one of the most exciting new features on the watch is the innovative club recommendation tool. As the wearer moves the target on the map, he gets recommendations for the right club based on distance. The user can first set up distances for each of his clubs, and the watch will then take into account the shots he recorded for even better recommendations. Moreover, the revamp of the app also enables visualizing the score in stroke play, stableford, or match play, making the watch the perfect companion for friendly rounds as well as competitions.

“If I could choose one standout feature for me, I really enjoy the distance shot feature, I see how my drive is performing on the golf course taking into account the real conditions I am playing in, the timing of this has worked perfectly for me as I’ve been testing my new clubs,” explains professional golfer and TAG Heuer brand ambassador Tommy Fleetwood. On the other hand, the brand’s CEO Frédéric Arnault also notes that the TAG Heuer Connected is a true game-changer that will give any golfer an immediate competitive edge.

Overall, as the overall feel and design make the experience more realistic than ever before and recall the visuals seen on telecasts of professional tournaments, these latest updates are unique to TAG Heuer Golf and show the brand’s commitment to constant innovation.