Sullivan Stapleton of “Blindspot” Talks Stunt Work & Acting Career

HIT THE HIGH SPOTS. From leading ancient Greek armies to solving modern mysteries, Sullivan Stapleton brings a roughish charm that’s hard to beat


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After ending 2015 on a high note with the final season of popular action-adventure series “Strike Back,” Sullivan Stapleton returns in 2016 in hit crime drama “Blindspot.” While it would indeed seem that the Melbourne-born actor will call television his home for the time being, he is still a force to be reckoned with in big screen productions. Perhaps not this year, but in 2017, movie buffs—who might recognize Stapleton as the lead in “300: Rise of an Empire” or from the Australian independent film “Animal Kingdom”—will see him return to the silver screen with “The Lake.” In the meantime, however, there’s also the second season of “Blindspot” to look forward to. Yes, a new season of the show has been confirmed even before the first was even halfway through—which, of course, speaks volumes of the show’s critical and commercial success, as well as the incredible performance of its leading star.


DA MAN: Hi Sullivan, great to have you onboard. Season one of “Blindspot” has just finished airing. Personally, how do you feel about the show and the response to it so far?
Sullivan Stapleton: It’s great to be onboard. I love the reaction to the show, and it makes me happy to hear that we’re doing so well and that the audience loves it. Let’s hope it stays that way!

DA MAN: You famously did some of your own stunts in “Blindspot,” and you also have the scars to prove it. What prompted you to take on this extra challenge while filming the show?
Sullivan Stapleton: I wouldn’t consider it an extra challenge; I feel as though it’s part of the job. To come from a show like “Strike Back” to this, it would kill me if I didn’t have the option to do my own stunts. It’s all part of the job.



“It would kill me if I didn’t have the option to do my own stunts”



DA MAN: We may be straying into trivia a bit, but one notable aspect of the show was how all the episode titles are anagrams that—when decoded and formed together—reveal clues about the plot. Do you know the story behind this aspect of the show?
Sullivan Stapleton: No, not really. But it’s a great way for the fans to get involved and be challenged while enjoying the show.

DA MAN: Now, “Blindspot” also touches on several, let’s just say, contentious issues—from 3D-printed guns to police brutality. What is your take on the show’s inclusion of these rather recent real-life issues?
Sullivan Stapleton: I think that these issues bring realism to the show. We see these problems on the news every night, so why not include them in the show?


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