Style FAQ: What are the things I should pay attention to when buying formal shoes?

WHAT ARE THE THINGS I SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO WHEN BUYING FORMAL SHOES? There are actually several types of formal shoes. But since the definition of “formal” has been stretched way too often, it all boils down to how you style them.


Outfit and pocket square by Canali, watch by Thomas Sabo, shoes by Tod’s

  1. Oxford shoes are considered the most formal. They have cap toes with closed lacing and little to no embellishment.
  2. Derby or blucher shoes can sometimes be hard to distinguish from oxfords since derby shoes also feature cap toes but use open lacing. They are considered less formal than oxford shoes.
  3. Slip-on shoes do not have any lacing, but they boast clasps, straps or tassels instead. The shapes that fall into this category can vary widely, from moccasins to monk straps.
  4. Dress boots are shaped like boots but are made of leather. They are also skinnier, and they feature brogueing (decorative perforations around the edge) as well as low heels.
  5. While loafers are not necessarily formal, when they are made of leather and dark colored, they might qualify as formal footwear.


Several factors to consider as you browse the formal shoe racks:

  • The more embellishments on a pair, the less formal it is.
  • Give your formal attire a different spin by wearing a skinny suit with dress boots.
  • Black shoes are essential.

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