Steal Henry Cavill’s Style: How To Wear A Suit When You’re Big and Muscular

Being Superman and a dapper spy from the 1960s sure would put one Henry Cavill on any spotlight. But when it comes to red carpet appearances, the Englishman apparently knows how to show off his Savile Row influences—especially dressing his sculpted physique.

While his latest film, Mission: Impossible Fallout is playing everywhere, the multiple images of Henry appearing on many premiere screenings all over the world reminded us how good he is in dressing the part. From the choice of colors and fabric to the right fit, he knows exactly what to wear for his big and muscular body type.

We try to rediscover Henry’s best looks from his red carpet attendances throughout the years, and try to pick his brain on how to dress for the occasion.

Go classic.

Outfit by Tom Ford

A charcoal grey suit is always safe, that’s why everyone has it. Try to make it less common by choosing an unlikely material for both the suit and the tie. Pair your English spread collar shirt with a knit black tie, it does pull the whole outfit together perfectly.

Express your image.

Outfit by Ermenegildo Zegna

Sure this one’s a cop out, and it looks a little too 90s. But really, can it be more fitting other than the man playing Superman wearing a dark blue suit with a red tie? A key takeaway here is to know your go-to colors. Also, wearing clashing patterns can add more character.

Fit is key.

Outfit by Tom Ford

Wearing a three-piece suit especially for a well-built man with big torsos like Henry is tricky—much more in lighter colors. Yet, he pulled this off. How did he do it? Tailoring. Keep it classy and powerful at the same time with a fit that’s superhero material. Neither excess nor shortage of fabric for your body type isn’t good for your image.

Be brave.

Outfit by Dunhill

If you’re feeling contrived in a three-piece suit, try to mix it up a little every once in a while. Such as a double-breasted blue glen plaid wool suit, combined with golden elements from your tie and pocket square. Bold.

The devil is in the details.

Outfit by Dunhill

There’s not much room for experiments for formal attires. So Henry cleverly plays with materials. This velvet dinner jacket looks unconventional yet still delivers the message.