#StayHomewithDAMAN featuring Justin Leonard

DA MAN: Where are you?
Justin Leonard:
I’m living in Chicago.

DA MAN: What are you doing these days?
I’ve been staying busy with work, actually. I’ve been training most of my clients virtually through Equinox’s new Lift app.

DA MAN: How are you approaching self-care? Whether that be physically, mentally, spiritually etc.
I’ve continued to work on my own fitness goals through kettlebell workouts, calisthenics and running more. I’ve also been taking time for morning reflections as well as studying for two different certifications, from NCSF [The National Council on Strength and Fitness] and ACSM [The American College of Sports Medicine]. Luckily, I’ve been paired up with my girlfriend for quarantine. We’ve been playing online games with friends, cooking and getting takeout to support local businesses.

DA MAN: What are you cooking or eating?
Homemade dumplings and pizza from my favorite place in Chicago, Pequod’s.