Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion FAQ for May (Part 1)

As we enter the new spring/summer season in earnest, there are a lot of new trends to explore but undoubtedly quite a few questions that go along with them. But, worry not, we got it covered.

Yay or Nay: Extra-large pants


This season, go for it! For spring/summer 2021, pretty much every menswear designer sent out an-array of extra-large, extra-wide pants, where any constraint becomes obsolete. Some are cut high and come with a retro vibe, while some look sportier with tracksuit style trousers cut with room enough for two. And when you really think about it, wide-legged trousers have it all: They’re comfortable, easy to wear and—if high-waisted—it’ll make you look longer and leaner. So, to answer the question: definitely yay!

Emporio Armani


What’s the color of the season?


Right of the bat, pastels dominated the runways for this season. Before you hesitate and deviate from the tried for the true-and-tested navy, black and gray combination that you know and love, take a second look at the new pastels and you might just find it to your liking. For one, it gives a look more personality compared to dark neutral. Plus, it’s fun to experiment. You can start with pastel colors such as lilac and pale pink for simple T-shirts and move your way up to sweaters, pants, blazers and finally, tailored pieces.



Which silhouettes are on trend this season?


As we move further into the 2020s, men’s silhouettes and garments are presented using a more essential approach. Breezy silhouettes and the desire for minimal refinement become more prominent, the shapes are simplified and—in some cases—become more austere while in others more comfortable and functional. The pandemic took part in this, as people’s habits changed and shifted everything that we know before. Volumes are treated with a more concise and minimal effort, while looks have become layered and oversized.

Ermenegildo Zegna