TAG Heuer’s Party in Ibiza with David Guetta & Martin Garrix

DA MAN Special Report TAG Heuer in Ibiza with David Guetta and Martin Garrix (4)
Martin Garrix taking on DJing duties after the friendly football match


A CEO and two DJs Walk Into a Bar

As the events of the day at the villa come to a close, I have the opportunity to slip in a couple of questions for Biver and Guetta. These compressed interviews along with the press conference earlier in the day paint a pretty clear picture of how TAG Heuer has advanced so rapidly these past years and how it plans to move ahead.

Take, for instance, the appointment of two electronic dance music DJ/producers to represent a brand with a history spanning more than one and a half centuries. While the stated goal is quite logical and clear-cut—that is, to reach a new generation of possible watch enthusiasts—the implementation has been brilliant, culminating in a brand message embodied by the three gentlemen meeting in Ibiza. There’s the accomplished watchmaker with more than four decades of experience in the business; on the other end, we have a young, rising star who embraces contemporary media; and finally, in the middle, we have the pioneer who already accomplished the whole “reaching an entirely new generation-slash-potential-market” business in his own field.

“I took a music that used to be underground and brought it to the mainstream,” Guetta quips. At the same time, he appreciates the finer things in life that comes with a legacy and history of their own. “I’m a little bit old school when it comes to watches,” the DJ waxes lyrical on horology. “I like that kind of timeless watches, like, you know, the Monaco.” Then, lifting his arm to show his TAG Heuer Carrera – Heuer 01, he adds, “and this one, I think it’s really amazing.”


The Martin Garrix dial on the TAG Heuer Connected watch
The Martin Garrix dial on the TAG Heuer Connected watch

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