TAG Heuer’s Party in Ibiza with David Guetta & Martin Garrix

DA MAN Special Report TAG Heuer in Ibiza with David Guetta and Martin Garrix (1)
David Guetta in action as goalkeeper


On the field are assembled eight players; eight living legends from La Liga, including Albert Luque, Michel Salgado, Aitor Ocio, Fernando Morientes, Gaizka Mendieta, Marcos Senna, Fernando Sanz and finally Joan Capdevila, the only non-retired member of the group. To make things even more interesting, both Guetta and Garrix are drafted as goalkeepers, while Biver is given the referee’s whistle.

Now, you would probably think that eight veteran footballers playing barefooted on a downsized field along with two guest VIPs and a VVIP referee would take it easy. And you’d be wrong. While they don’t show the aggressiveness they reserve for real matches, these eight legends are certainly competitive. Oh sure, they hold back a bit when facing the two goalkeepers and the ref doesn’t have to keep anybody in line, but they make damn sure that the audience knows they are watching top-tier pro footballers.

Whether unwittingly or intentional (which is all kinds of impressive considering the setup), the short match ends in a draw. While some among the audience starts voicing their hope for a penalty kick contest, the organizers apparently have already thought of another way to settle the stalemate. So, behind the field, there is a huge, three-meter-high watch dial of the TAG Heuer Carrera–Heuer 01 with the sub-dials cut out and assigned points. Each team takes turns shooting free kicks at the giant watch dial to score as many points as possible within a couple of minutes. In the end, David Guetta’s gray-uniformed team gets the upper hand and keeps it for a decisive victory.

With the match officially over, the crowd disperses to enjoy the rest of the day. Garrix takes over DJing duties, much to the delight of the now party-minded guests. Those same guests are still in a snap-happy mood, and at one point the 20-old Dutch musician reminds the crowd that when a DJ starts spinning, the audience’s supposed to be dancing instead of posing for selfies with said DJ in the background. Another part of the crowd, nonetheless, prepares for a chance to chat with the men of the hour.

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