TAG Heuer’s Party in Ibiza with David Guetta & Martin Garrix


DA MAN Special Report TAG Heuer in Ibiza with David Guetta and Martin Garrix (3)
A TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300M Ceramic watch on a mixing table


Lunch and More Shows

The second day’s events begin while the sun is still high in the Mediterranean sky, as the entire TAG Heuer entourage makes their way to casa Puig Redo, one of Ibiza’s most prominent luxury estates, with a history spanning over 300 years.

If anything, the classically-constructed but contemporarily-equipped villa is the most fitting venue to host TAG Heuer’s celebrations. Lunch is served poolside as guests and journalists rub shoulders with VIPs and a handful of high-profile legendary players from La Liga, Spain’s top professional football division. Their presence, along with a down-scaled football field set away but clearly visible from the main villa, hints at what the afternoon still has in store for us. The relaxed atmosphere quickly turns excited when Martin Garrix appears on the premises, ducking in and out of the private areas of the villa. Soon thereafter, Jean-Claude Biver arrives, joined by Garrix and also Guetta.

It is a subtly profound moment, as these three figures—each representing a different generation—greet each other with genuine affection. At risk of sounding overly wistful, I would describe the scene that unfolds that day as a young-ish boy (Garrix) welcoming his jolly grandfather (Biver) with his laidback uncle (Guetta) joining in. Greetings turned into a brief discussion about Garrix’ Connected watch interrupted by the throng of photographers (aka anyone with a phone) swarming for a good photo op before an MC finally shows up and opens the press conference.

The conference with TAG Heuer’s CEO and two brand ambassadors is lively but brief, focusing mostly on their passions (as Guetta puts it, they come from “three different generations, and we are so blessed that we can live out of our passions”), what each knows about the others (including Garrix’ eloquent intro on his senior which is basically along the lines of: “Well … he’s David f******g Guetta!) and their “don’t crack under pressure” moments. This last one, of course, refers to the brand’s famous tagline, usually stylized as the hashtag #DontCrackUnderPressure. A company executive with a resume like Biver’s would, of course, know a thing or two about handling pressure, as does the pioneering DJ who brought EDM into mainstream hit charts and one of the youngest international EDM stars. But, more on that later, as it’s time to head down to the football field below.

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