TAG Heuer’s Party in Ibiza with David Guetta & Martin Garrix


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A beautiful sunny day in Puig Redo, Ibiza


Dinner and a Show

The first day of festivities kicks off with a late dinner at Cipriani in downtown Ibiza, as guests, journalists and TAG Heuer representatives mingle in anticipation of the main event, viewing David Guetta perform a set in Pacha Ibiza, the best known club in a town full of clubs. As it happens, Pacha is only a five-minute walk away from Cipriani, and a brief stroll from the more relaxed premises of Cipriani to the dazzling surroundings of Pacha certainly gets you pumped for what’s about to come.

There’s a lot to take in once you step into a club like Pacha, from the press of the crowd and the detached-yet-ever-alert looks on the ever-present bouncers to the mind-boggling light display and the thumping beats. The party atmosphere is already in full swing as the TAG Heuer entourage files in and heads toward the VIP section—all the better to take in the performance and the crowd.

Now, in full-blown EDM concert, there’s a short break, a lull in the action, as the stage is set for the next performance. Guetta, however, moves in and takes over the stage almost seamlessly with many on the dance floor only realizing the switch when the music changes and multiple displays lit up with the DJ’s name in bold neon letters on black. As the granddaddy of EDM finally addresses the audience in his usual nonchalant drawl, the crowd’s roar reaches a fever pitch. And, of course, dozens of touchscreens lit up as people start recording; but that’s just how a 2016 nightclub crowd rolls, apparently.

While it comes as no surprise, it’s still a delight to see how a DJ of Guetta’s caliber plays the crowd. Opening with “This One’s for You” (the official song for the 2016 UEFA European Championship) Guetta quickly demonstrates just how recognizable his singles are by cutting out the music and letting the crowd pick up the lyrics mere seconds into the song, just when the first refrain hits. Sure, this happens all the time in live performances of all sorts, but you can’t help but feel a certain amount of extra confidence behind Guetta’s frequent use of the gimmick. The crowd certainly loves it and responds in kind, chanting “we’re in this together” with gusto.

Unsurprisingly, their enthusiasm only grows as Guetta works through his set and “titanium” comes on, followed by fellow crowd-favorites “Play Hard,” “When Love Takes Over” and many more. By now, it is already 4 a.m. and the set is only half underway. It would seem that, in Ibiza, the night’s still young even when it’s no longer technically night anymore.

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