TAG Heuer’s Party in Ibiza with David Guetta & Martin Garrix

PARTY IN IBIZA. Joezer Mandagi heads to Ibiza with TAG Heuer to celebrate the brand’s legacy and its reach into the future through music


DA MAN Special Report TAG Heuer in Ibiza with David Guetta and Martin Garrix (5)
DJs David Guetta and Martin Garrix before an oversized replica of the Carrera Calibre Heuer-01


You know you’re on a flight to Ibiza when more than half of the passengers look ready to party the moment the plane lands. And why wouldn’t they? Ibiza is the town of a thousand clubs, the cradle of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and basically the party capital of the world. So, it was on a sunny late August afternoon that I found myself on the world’s number-one nightlife spot, to party with TAG Heuer. The storied Swiss watch brand certainly did have a lot to celebrate.
Prologue to the Party

“By the end of July, the watch business, the Swiss watch business, is down by 30.5 percent,” says Jean-Claude Biver, TAG Heuer’s energetic CEO during a press conference on the island. “For TAG Heuer, it was plus 20 percent. We have had the best seven months of our history.”

August also marked the launch of a new timepiece, the Aquaracer 300 M ceramic. This new addition to TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer collection, which debuted way back in 2003, features an extremely durable case constructed from Grade-2 (i.e., not an alloy) titanium with black titanium carbide coating, a blue nylon strap with a rubber inner lining and the brand’s highly dependable Calibre 5 automatic mechanical movement ticking inside it. A more notable highlight, however, would probably be the watch’s ceramic bezel coated with blue lacquer. As befitting of an Aquaracer watch, the new 300 M model is fully water-resistant up to a depth of 300 meters. While these specifications were designed with more rigorous outings such as yachting in mind, you can probably say that this is also the most ideal timepiece for some rigorous partying in the clubs and beaches of Ibiza.

That is not the only reason why we are on Ibiza, however. our trip to the famed island is, in fact, arranged to celebrate TAG Heuer’s collaboration with the world of contemporary music. This, in turn, is part of the brand’s unique approach of communicating its image to as wide an audience as possible through four distinct fields—“universes” in the brand’s parlance—including sport, lifestyle, heritage and music. “It’s the best language; it’s still the language everyone understands,” Biver enthuses of the fourth one. “With music, you can travel all around the world and everybody understands; everybody has the same emotions, pleasure, hope and joy.”

While it might come as a surprise to some, especially considering TAG Heuer’s long history, the brand’s focus on EDM is perhaps only natural as it boldly reaches out to a new generation with new tastes who also live in an increasingly connected world. Quite appropriately, this event brings together two legends from two different generations who are also two of TAG Heuer’s most celebrated brand ambassadors: Veteran DJ/producer David Guetta and rising EDM star Martin Garrix. The former happens to be in Ibiza for the popular F**k Me I’m Famous parties, while the latter brought his Multiply concert to the island. and for the cherry on top, a touch of the sport universe is thrown in the mix.

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