Special Report: Rolex Way Permanent Exhibition, Singapore

OYSTER IN MARINA. The newly launched Rolex Boutique in Singapore’s Marina Square rises as not only the biggest but also the only one in the region with a Rolex Exhibition Space


Rolex Way exhibition


Singapore has seen so many watch brands come and go, yet one remains an outstanding part of the island-nation: Rolex. The crown-logoed house has been in the country for decades, and this year it breaks new ground with the establishment of its most spectacular boutique in the Merlion City.

Set in the new wing of the Marina Square shopping mall, the new Rolex Boutique is nestled on the second floor, not far from the entrance facing Raffles avenue road. Visitors coming from that side will certainly notice the oversized logo on the glass façade. Upon first impression, the boutique’s exteriors look unmistakably Rolex, with expansive glass windows and touches of the brand’s signature emerald green. It is perfectly illuminated, and, as you walk around the store, you’ll find the 513-square-meter space segregated cleverly into intuitive counters.

“Given the locality of this area and the size of the store, we need to make sure that the whole floor is relevant,” Jeremy Lim, COO of Cortina Watch, starts off. That point about relevancy rings true as one could browse through the beautiful watches from different collections and lines, from one display case to another, and easily find pieces that really speak to them. But beyond the most captivating Daytonas, the president watches or the oyster perpetual timepieces, this boutique holds a wonderful site that celebrates the brand’s greatest achievements and watchmaking know-how.


Jeremy Lim

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