Special Report: Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week 2018

FIVE DAYS OF MENSWEAR – Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week Returns with five days of exclusive shows featuring the best menswear offerings in the country

The final runway setup at Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week

Last September, Plaza Indonesia presented the ninth edition of their annual Men’s Fashion Week—and it turned out to be the best one yet. Nineteen brands joined in the five-day fashion festival, from top Indonesian labels such as (X) S.M.L and Allthethingsivedone to notable international names like Diesel and Marks & Spencer. Even if the number of participants were less than what we saw last year, it was still a grand event.

Day One: Batik

Batik was the common theme of day one, with Alleira batik and Malaysian designer Michael ong’s collaborative collection opening the event. Updated acculturation was evident as the traditional and timeless patterns were applied into obscurely trendy streetwear. Street-comfy silhouettes filled with tracktops, hoodies, overalls, jogging pants and even a boxing robe looked impressively seamless.

Day Two: Rain and Colors

British ready to wear specialists Marks & Spencer opened the second day. Coats, jackets, sweaters and suits in somber tones were paraded on the runway. These contrasted nicely to the tropical patterned shirt and a number of playful hats like fedora that followed. Another surprise was when the brand showed a series of colorful parkas, inviting the crowd to embrace the fall-slash-monsoon rains like true Londoners.


Canali came next, and just like that we were transported to Italy. Slim fit jackets of various colors, materials and styles that are both season appropriate and sharp looking were our definite favorite. Blue dominated the collection, but nearly all shades of the color were in play. We saw a bright blue suit, navy blazers and a smokey blue sweater to name a few.

The last show of the day was a combo breaker as Diesel blasted its much-awaited presentation. Oversized and colorful puffed jackets, coats and vests, combined with cool pieces like Asian inspired embroidered varsity jackets, diving sneakers and one of our favorites of the night: the shopper bag.

Rococo Store

Like the previous days, we got to see all kinds of shows here, starting with Patrick Owen’s experimental creations. Rococo Store was next and they came out full force with a theme that translates well to the season. Swinging with a show titled “The Commuter,” the men’s specialty store presented various urban looks with a heavy dose of seasonal outers like military jackets, tracktops, tweed blazers, even denim, wool sweaters and leather biking jackets.

The last show of the night, Antony Morato, embraced the season with a more tropical and playful approach. T-shirts, jogging pants, hats even boxers were thrown casually with hoodies, sweaters and bomber jackets. The crowd certainly appreciated the brand’s decision to bring back some classic favorites like camo, visor hats and motorcycle gloves. It certainly helped that the pieces were presented by notable influencers.

Ted Baker

Day Four: Brit Style

We’ve only managed to catch Ted Baker’s show on the fourth night. Keeping to what what they do best, which is bringing out the essential gentleman, the British house showed that the perfect combination doesn’t just exist, but that there are many of them. To that end Ted Baker brought forth an array of flawless mixes and matches incorporating jackets, shirts, classic polos and patterned tops with chinos and tailored trousers. These looks were completed by various belts, bags and footwear pieces. This was certainly one of the most modest but classy shows of the week.

Day Five: The Finale

As always, Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week ended with a curated closing night, this time showcasing the theme “Denim Culture,” sponsored by Lee Cooper. The English jeans makers donated more than 600 meters of recycled denim to be used by all participating designers of the night.

Our favorite of the night, Allthethingsivedone followed next. The Surabaya-based label made a reinterpretation of the fabric, creating unique pieces such as overalls, oversized postman bags and a cape that definitely grabbed our attention.

Danjyo Hiyoji

Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week ended with a spectacular showcase by Danjyo Hiyoji. The fun presentation brought out so many interesting things we don’t even know where to start. From the colorful graffiti-esque monsters plastered nearly everywhere, the creative urban cuts, to the bizarrely enticing accessories. It was certainly a fitting finale to such a grand event.