Sony Officially Postponed its PlayStation 5 Event

The long awaited event was postponed in an act of solidarity for the ongoing protests in the U.S.

While the big PlayStation event this week is one event that has become the most talked-about topic by PlayStation fans around the world, Sony has announced the postponement of the event. The PlayStation launch event was originally scheduled for June 4, but due to the ongoing protests following the murder of George Flyod, Sony decided not to go ahead with the launch.

“We know that players around the world are quite looking forward to seeing PS5 games, but we think that this is not a time to celebrate and for now, we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.”

The event was going to reveal the appearance of the PlayStation 5  along with the price of the console and even the first wave of games and new titles that will be released for it. But this is arguably the right move for Sony; gaming can wait.