Smell Like a Serious Adult with This Cologne

JOIN THE CLUB. Men of a certain age don’t like to play with boys’ stuff. If this description fits you, then maybe it’s time to quit eau de toilettes and join the club of cologne connoisseurs


Acqua di Parma-Colonia Club-small


Next, introduce yourself to Acqua di Parma, a refined Italian grooming label that understands the value of good scents.

Its latest offering, called Colonia Club, is worlds apart from the reeky musk of old-world colognes. The sophisticated, deep green bottle exudes fresh citrusy whiffs, before aromatic notes like lavender and geranium pull one’s attention even closer.

A mixture of subtle musk and woody vetiver ensues and lingers lastingly, even after a busy day at the office.

Available at Glow Living Beauty.