Six of Indonesia’s Hottest Rising Stars (Part 2)

THE REST OF THE GANG. You’ve met the first three of the “Six Rising Stars” we gathered for the magazine’s 11th anniversary issue; now, meet the final three amazing talents who represent the future of Indonesia’s showbiz scene

From left to right: On Jefri Nichol outfit by CK Calvin Klein, on Giulio Parengkuan outfit by Kenzo, on Ardhito Pramono outfit by Paul Smith, on Refal Hady outfit by Valentino, on Vadi Akbar outfit by Paul Smith, on Jaz Hayat outfit by Lanvin, all watches by Tudor



Outfit by CK Calvin Klein,
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono with Brown Aged Leather Strap

LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN. Arriving on set early by himself, Giulio Parengkuan appeared youthful and dauntless. “Jim Carrey brought me here,” he calmly says. “The reason I wanted to be an actor is because of him. I told my father that I wanted to be an actor and then he told me to do some castings first. After that, voilà, I’m here.”

Currently, Parengkuan has just finished promoting “Dilan 1990.” The production house of this movie, Falcon Pictures, announced on Instagram that the movie, had so far been watched by 6,303,000 people after just 49 days of screening, making it the country’s most popular film so far this year.

Talking about what makes this movie so popular he says that “from my point of view, what makes this movie special is none other than the fact that this movie is able to bring back everyone in the audience to the high school era of 1990 and give them a touch of nostalgia: How teenage romances were at that time, with the cheesiness all around it. Also, it’s still relatable to their own experiences whether they used to be in high school, are still in high school or will go to high school.”



Outfit by Lanvin,
Tudor Heritage Black Bay S&G with Brown Aged Leather Strap

PUSHING THROUGH. Before Refal Hady made his movie debut in 2017’s “Galih & Ratna” and then went on to play in “Susah Sinyal” and “Dilan 1990,” he actually had quite an eventful life. This down-to-earth guy was formerly a model, a host for MNC lifestyle and even spent a lot of time working behind-the-scene. It wasn’t until Hady got casted as Galih when it all suddenly became real. “It was between a yes and a no,” said Hady when he landed the role. “I was afraid of becoming a disappointment; that I couldn’t act and I’ll end up being remembered by everybody as a bad actor.”

Hady is currently shooting yet another film, that he teased will be related to two of his previous films. Still, Hady’s path to success looks quite straightforward. Or as he put it: “For me, success is when I can make my mom happy.”


Outfit by Prada,
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono with Steel Bracelet

FROM THE HEART. One thing you’ll notice when you meet Vadi Akbar is just how fun and casual he is. He arrived on set with his brother, Vidi Aldiano, and just like his brother, Akbar is also a musician. “I was born in a musical family,” Akbar opened the conversation. “My mother was a piano teacher and in my house there’s always music.”

Having a sibling with a shared passion, Akbar noted that it has always been a pleasure for him to share his interests. As a matter of fact, when asked about the best singing advice he had ever received, he told us that it came from his brother. “He once said to me: If you want to make music, don’t overthink it. If you want to say something in music, just write it down,” he recalls fondly. “Don’t think about the syllabus, don’t think about the rhyming. Just write it so people can hear its sincerity.”

Over the years, Akbar has released multiple singles, including “Mayor 7” in 2015, “Kenangan” in 2016 and most recently, “Tanya Jadi Rasa” last year. This April, Akbar will be releasing his latest song called “Ruang Untuk Bahagia.” And he certainly has plenty of room to be happy. “Basically,” he concludes, “I just sing or make music whatever it is that’s on my heart and mind.”


Photography Zaky Akbar
Styling Primawan Hakim
Styling Assistant Andrew William & Devi Lesmana
Grooming Arimbi