Six of Indonesia’s Hottest Rising Stars (Part 1)

UP AND COMING. For our 11th anniversary issue we gather six of the best new talents—actors and musicians—who have proven that they possess something more than what meets the eye. Here, we introduce you to the first three

From left to right: On Jefri Nichol outfit by CK Calvin Klein, on Giulio Parengkuan outfit by Kenzo, on Ardhito Pramono outfit by Paul Smith, on Refal Hady outfit by Valentino, on Vadi Akbar outfit by Paul Smith, on Jaz Hayat outfit by Lanvin, all watches by Tudor



Outfit by Valentino,
Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 with Brown Leather Strap

ALL THAT JAZZ. Perhaps the one thing harder than being a struggling musician is being a struggling jazz musician. And we’re not talking about pop or electronic jazz, we’re talking about real oldschool jazz—the type that Ardhito  Pramono is bringing back to the scene. When we caught up with Pramono, he mentioned that he has been struggling for about six years as a jazz musician. “Sometimes I play in a really small café and they only pay me with fried rice,” Pramono reflects. “But now I’m joining a major label in Indonesia [Sony Music], and they are okay with me to play jazz. So, I feel pretty good about it.”

Looking forward, Pramono express his optimism in Indonesia’s jazz scene, saying that Indonesians would be more  into the genre in the future. “It would be much more creative and variative,” Pramono said of his vision of the  country’s jazz scene in the future. He also mentioned an extensive list of jazz musicians today who are contributing to the scene. This includes Danilla Riyadi, Mondo Gascoro, Indra Lesmana and newcomer Nesia Ardi, whom  Pramono wished to collaborate with in the future.

As for himself, Pramono is currently working on a new single, which he candidly admits was inspired by his long time best friend who turned out to be really fake. Accordingly, the title of the track is “Fake Optics.” He also  mentioned that he plans to release his first EP at the end of this year. So you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of this talented jazz musician in the months to come.



Outfit by Kenzo,
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel with Steel Bracelet

ENVIRONMENTAL ARTIST. One thing we still remember from our first meeting with Jefri Nichol back in 2017 is how he said that he really loves nature. When we reminded him of this, he shares: “Recently, I just finished planting 10,000 mangrove seedlings. Together with more than 3,650 children, I planted these seedlings not only in Jakarta, but also in 10 major cities across Indonesia.”

For now, Nichol says that he’s quite busy. “I’m just preparing for my next movie and also cowriting with Robby  Ertanto. It’s called ‘Jakarta Versus Everybody.’ The story is about the struggle of seven teenagers from different backgrounds, trying to achieve a successful life,” he says. “That’s all I can say for now.”

He might still be 19 years old, but he sure shows a mature outlook. “We need a lot of filmmakers that push the boundaries in terms of stories,” he points out “We need other genres to be explored and we surely need regeneration, as now, there are only a small number of young actors.”



Outfit by Prada,
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel with Steel Bracelet

THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. Jaz Hayat recently celebrated his 25th birthday. He pointed out that it was his most memorable birthday, since his fan base organized a gathering to celebrate it. “It was so memorable because after six years being in Indonesia [he was originally from Brunei], I felt touched that there are people out there who care
about me,” he expressed. “They also made me a video outlining my career from the beginning until the end.”

The real end, though, is still far for Hayat. Having gained 56 million views on YouTube for his 2016 single “Dari Mata” and 17 million views for “Kasmaran,” Hayat still has a long way to go. Now, he is busy promoting his latest single, “Teman Bahagia.” “It’s a story about long distance relationships. I want to give a positive energy for those who are going through it,” Hayat said.

Surprisingly, Hayat confessed that he never actually chose to be a singer. “I just do what I like to do without thinking,” he elaborates, “because if I think too far it will take me out of focus.” So, it should come in no surprise that his advice to young musicians is simply: “Just never give up and keep doing what you love.”


Photography Zaky Akbar
Styling Primawan Hakim
Styling Assistant Andrew William & Devi Lesmana
Grooming Arimbi