See Our 5 Favorite Designer Bracelets for Men

WORTH THE WRIST. Men’s bracelets are gaining a cult following thanks to the rising trend of pairing leather bands with fine watches


5 Best Bracelets for Men - Lanvin, John Hardy, Alexander McQueen, Il Bisonte, Balenciaga-2
1. Lanvin, 2. John Hardy, 3. Alexander McQueen, 4. Il Bisonte, 5. Balenciaga


Even when worn alone, some definitive choices can really attract some extra glances for their distinctive designs. The Lanvin watch-style strap is as quirky as the studded two-row Balenciaga option.

The Alexander McQueen skull-pendant bracelet makes a strong showing, while the Il Bisonte leather bracelet that will darken over time fits conventional tastes better.

Last but not least, we have a handsomely masculine pick in the updated classic chain selection from John Hardy, which adds a touch of metal to its exquisite brown hue.



Photography Haruns Maharbina
Styling Edwin Habibun