Scent: Jean-Paul Guerlain Unveils Daring Evening Fragrance for Men “L’Homme Ideal”

ALMOND ADVENTURE. A new fragrance from heritage perfume brand Guerlain, L’Homme Ideal boldly champions bitter almond as its central ingredient

Guerlain L'Homme DAMAN Scent

Master perfumer Thierry Wasser, who took over from Jean-Paul Guerlain some six years ago, even travelled to South Africa to locate the highest-quality source of this headline flavor. A fitting selection for the colder months, L’Homme Ideal contains familiar masculine notes of cedar wood, leather and tonka bean that are balanced with vanilla, orange flower and bergamot. The addictive bitter almond note is accompanied by an undertone of amaretto, which hints at the intended use as a daring evening fragrance.