Scent: Fragrances that Go Well with Tobacco Whiffs

SMOKE AND MIRRORS. perhaps the second worst thing about smoking is the smell that lingers. It remains on your lips, clothes and even your hair sometimes.


Instead of spritzing a contrasting scent, why not try fragrances that actually go well with whiffs of tobacco? Alfred Dunhill Icon is soft and mellow, backed with leathery and woody sensations. It is quite a subtle blend, one must say, and excellent with or without cigarettes in your hand. For smokers with a preference for menthol cigarettes, both Montblanc Legend Intense and Kenneth Cole Mankind work like a charm. For an added touch of panache, Cartier Declaration d’un soir Intense has got roses in the mix.

Creative Direction Winanto Nugroho
Photography Haruns Maharbina
Styling Triska Putri
Styling Intern Galedda Azzahraa
Text Chris Andre
Digital Imaging Michael Purwagani