Scent: Acqua Essenziale Blu from Salvatore Ferragamo

ICY BLU. The saying “you are what your wear” is very much relevant in the world of fragrances. Aquatic notes are typically reserved for those with cool and calm personality.


Supermodel Garrett Neff stars in the campaign


Salvatore Ferragamo took those scents up a notch with aromatic infusion of citrusy flavors in the Acqua Essenziale Blu, the updated version of last year’s Acqua Essenziale. Created by well-known perfumer Alberto Morillas, this olfactory number is perfect for hot weather and easy on the nose, with a sweet lavender smell contained along the aquatic nuances. The fragrance is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml eau de toilettes, complemented by a separate 200ml shower gel.