Samsung Gear VR & 3 More Recommended VR Headsets

VIRTUAL INSANITY. Virtual reality is fast becoming part of our everyday reality, as consumer-grade VR hardware (and software) becomes more and more common




At the forefront of this virtual reality revolution is Samsung’s Gear VR.

On the one hand, you do need a compatible Samsung smartphone to use this headset. On the other hand, the Gear VR is easy to set up and sits comfortably perched on your head.

More importantly, there’s a wealth of VR content that you can access with the Gear VR. Sure, this doesn’t include high-end games (not yet, at least), but that’s what specialized VR hardware is for.

When you’re looking at your everyday dips into the pool of virtual reality, the Gear VR should definitely be your first pick.



3 More Recommendations:




1. For serious PC gamers looking to expand into VR games, the HTC Vive offers the very best experience. It certainly helps that the Vive was developed in partnership with Valve, the company behind Steam—the biggest gaming market for PCs. Sure, it demands some serious computing horsepower, but the Vive definitely wins in terms of total immersion.





2. The most futuristic-looking VR headset to come out this year is heading for the PlayStation 4. Yes, Sony’s PlayStation VR looks like something taken off the set of “Tron.” Compared to its rivals for PCs, the PlayStation VR is much more affordable and comes with a longer list of compatible games. So, if you’re on Team Console, this is the VR set for you.





3. Interested in VR but want to take a “try before you buy” approach? Google Cardboard allows you to “try an affordable option before you buy the real stuff” with simple VR gear that will work with most Android phones. There’s also a wide range of casing options, from the original that’s actually made of cardboard to high-end models from Zeiss and even a DIY variant.



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