Revealing the Artistic Side of Gui Fedrizzi

POETRY IN MOTION. Gui Fedrizzi talks about his artistic side while showcasing the aesthetics of Guess in a special photo shoot for DAMAN

Brazilian-born model Gui Fedrizzi is the perfect example of old-school good looks. Dark, tall and handsome, Fedrizzi made quite an impact when he made his international debut in one of Guess’ ad campaigns. Incredibly, beneath the cool smolder and the hot Latino charm, Fedrizzi is a passionate artist known for his paintings as well as his poetry. For his photo shoot in this issue of DAMAN Style, however, it’s all about showing the world why he is still one of the faces of Guess.

DA MAN: Hi, Gui; thank you for making the time for us. Can you tell us a bit about what keeps you busy these days?
Gui Fedrizzi: Lots of things. I just moved to Los Angeles and it’s a very good market for me. Plus, I’m also an artist, and that keeps me busy most of the time.

DA: On the flip side, what was it like for you in the beginning? What was it that first made you consider going into modeling?
Gui Fedrizzi: It was really, really hard. I didn’t have much support until three people finally believed in me: My manager Facundo Vivian, my photographer friend Maurizio Montani and Paul Marciano when he gave me my first worldwide Guess campaign.

DA: What were some of the biggest challenges that you had to deal with as you began your modeling career?
Gui Fedrizzi: I missed my family a lot, I didn’t speak English and I didn’t have money. I think these were the biggest difficulties.

DA: And on a related note, do you still remember what surprised you the most about modeling?
Gui Fedrizzi: Even though this is a superficial, egocentric business, I still had the chance to meet amazing people—some of which will always be in my heart. This surprises me.

DA: Looking back at those early days, which of your qualities do you think made the biggest impression to photographers, casting directors, etc. who you worked with?
Gui Fedrizzi: My confidence.

DA: This might sound a bit clichéd, but in your opinion, which is more important for a model: raw talent (and good looks, obviously) or skill?
Gui Fedrizzi: I don’t believe I have a raw talent or skill, and I’m very simple in the way I dress—yet, I still made it to where I wanted to be. So, I believe you just need to be who you are, love who you are and be confident. The rest, time will teach you.

DA: Have you ever wanted to change anything about yourself?
Gui Fedrizzi: Yes, my style. [Laughs]

DA: How about for the fashion and modeling industry in general: Are there any facets of the business that you wish would change in the future?
Gui Fedrizzi: I wish they stopped giving so much importance to social media.

DA: On the lighter side of things, what would you say are the most enjoyable aspects of being a professional male model?
Gui Fedrizzi: I get to work with beautiful and nice females very often; I travel a lot; I get to meet great people; and a male career lasts longer than women’s, usually. Even if you have other projects you still can do modeling on the side.

DA: In retrospect, of all the runway shows or campaigns, which was it that put you on the map?
Gui Fedrizzi: Definitely the photoshoot with Maurizio Montani and my first Guess worldwide campaign.

“Even though [modeling] Is a superficial, egocentric business, I still had the chance to meet amazing people—some of which will always be in my heart”

DA: Looking ahead, what would your dream project look like? Which brands and people—designers, photographers, stylists— would you want to work with the most?
Gui Fedrizzi: My dream project is the one I’m working on at the moment: Supporting children with cancer around the world with the World Child Cancer organization, whose work is focused on developing countries. On the fashion side, however, I would like to work with Mario Testino and Chuando Frei.

DA: Do you have any plans to try your hand at the “behind the camera” elements of fashion? Designing, perhaps? Or photography…
Gui Fedrizzi: Perhaps some partnerships with fashion brands in an upcoming personal project.

DA: Can you tell us a bit about your own personal style? Your “off-duty look,” if you will…
Gui Fedrizzi: White or black T-shirt, jeans and boots or basic white shoes.

DA: What are some of your petpeeves when it comes to how people normally dress themselves?
Gui Fedrizzi: People wearing price-tags instead of feeling good by wearing what they really like.

DA: By the way, we saw on Instagram that you often upload poetry you wrote yourself. Where did this passion come from?
Gui Fedrizzi: I love poetry. This inspiration came from “my angel, my all, my other-self, my immortal beloved.”

DA: We also stumbled on your Tumblr account, and learned that you also paint. Is this something that you’re still doing lately?
Gui Fedrizzi: Yes. I’m very passionate about painting—the way it makes you feel, the impact it can cause and the way you are able to “eternize a moment.” Yes, I still do it when I feel I have to. Without feeling it, I’m not able to paint.

DA: Whether it’s poetry or painting, what kind of things usually inspires you? Do you actively seek inspiration or is your creative process more spontaneous?
Gui Fedrizzi: Women inspire me. My art is 100-percent based on my life story or experiences.

DA: Going back to your work with the World Child Cancer organization, can you tell us a bit more about this cause and why you’re supporting them?
Gui Fedrizzi: They are the best thing that happened in my life. It’s a non-profit organization which helps children with cancer around the world. They also helped me determine my purpose in life.

“I believe everyone is different: different personalitIes, different styles. this is the beauty of it all”

DA: When you can set aside a bit of “me time” just for yourself, what do you usually do?
Gui Fedrizzi: I try to find some time for myself every day, even if it’s just a few minutes doing what I really like. I usually play basketball on my days off or play my guitar. I also like to work on the book that I’m writing when I have some “me” time.

DA: When, where or with whom do you feel most happy?
Gui Fedrizzi: Whenever and wherever I’m with my family and friends.

DA: Do you have a role model? Or someone you really look up to?
Gui Fedrizzi: Not really. I believe everyone is different: different personalities, different styles. This is the beauty of it all. But I do like the work of Tony Ward.

DA: So, we’ve covered your beginnings as a model, your accomplishments, what you still want to accomplish and your passions. What goes through your mind after thinking about things like this? Or in other words, what’s your current state of mind?
Gui Fedrizzi: It came to my mind that I have come much further than I ever thought I could; yet, I’m still very far from where I want to be. I’m at my best state of mind: more comfortable, more confident, more mature. I’m enjoying my life as I never did before.

DA: One final question: Do you have a slogan you live by?
Gui Fedrizzi: “What man is a man who does not make of the world a better place.”


Photography MM
Styling Suzi rezler
Grooming Nico Doniele at State Artist Management
Model Gui Fedrizzi / DT Model Management
All outfits and accessories by Guess