Real Talk With Thomas Cocquerel of the Upcoming “Billionaire Boys Club” Movie

ABOUT THE BOY. Meet the guy behind the gossip as Australian actor Thomas Cocquerel talks to DA MAN about his relationship with acting


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Try googling “Thomas Cocquerel.” Go on, we’ll wait.

Have you done it? Good.

Now forget everything you just read.

You probably noticed that the Australian actor’s name has been showing up here and there on various news outlets. Most of the topics, though, revolve around his love life, as he’s been linked to a couple of beautiful young actresses.

But, as DA MAN has now discovered, he has more to offer than mere gossips. Cocquerel, who is one hell of a serious actor, made his Hollywood debut in “Kidnapping Mr. Heineken” (2015) playing alongside Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten, Jim Sturgess and Anthony Hopkins. He will soon appear in more titles with other notable names such as in “Table 19” with Anna Kendrick and “Billionaire Boys Club” with Ansel Elgort, Taron Egerton, Emma Roberts, Suki Waterhouse and Kevin Spacey.


DA MAN: Can you tell us about “Billionaire Boys Club” and the character you’ll be playing?
Thomas Cocquerel: “Billionaire Boys Club” is a true story about a group of young privileged, wealthy boys in L.A. who set up a Ponzi scheme to get rich quick that lead to deadly consequences. I play Charlie, one of the few founders of the “BBC” company who sees it through to its malevolent demise.

DA MAN: How is filming the movie like, especially since the cast of “Billionaire Boys Club” are mostly young actors?
Thomas Cocquerel: It’s always a joy working with your peers on a film. As we are all roughly the same age with similar interests, we bonded quickly and I hope our friendship translates well in the film. We certainly had our fair share of mischief on and off the set. There are some great party scenes in the film that we all had way too much fun filming.

DA MAN: What do you value most about your fellow cast members?
Thomas Cocquerel: I love working with people that share a passion of film. It’s such a fun and exciting job that I feel blessed every day I’m on set. I value the people who enjoy the work and appreciate it just as much.


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T-shirt by The Squad, trousers by Nike


DA MAN: What about your other movie, “Table 19”? Can you tell us about it and the character you will be playing?
Thomas Cocquerel:
“Table 19” is a romantic comedy about the guests at a wedding that you hope won’t turn up, all still arriving and sitting at the same table. I play a mystery guy of sorts called Huck, who turns up and takes a fancy for Anna Kendrick’s character. It’s a really fun movie with an amazing cast.

DA MAN: Do you have any other projects coming up?
Thomas Cocquerel:
I do. I can’t yet share what’s ahead this year, but I’m pumped it’s turning out to be a very exciting one.

DA MAN: What kind of movie and character would you like to play next?
Thomas Cocquerel:
I’m really driven by stories and interesting character arcs. I’ll always hold the same dreams I had as a kid playing cops and cowboys, but now I’m focused on finding and fighting for roles that challenge and inspire me.


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