Ralph Lauren Celebrates a Golden Year with Exclusive Collections

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Ralph Lauren commemorates the historic moment like any top fashion house should: releasing a couple of capsule collections. And these two could not be anymore different from each other.

The first collection may have missed the memo on what a capsule collection actually is. Because not only it spans on all of Ralph Lauren’s sublines (Polo, Purple Label and RRL), but also it consists a whopping 83 pieces in total!

The overall collection evokes the brand’s half century long heritage in fashion, mapping their rich and diverse signature pieces. From leather jackets, rugby sweaters, to classic sweaters and plaid shirts. This collection is available exclusively on MR PORTER.

The second collection on the other hand takes matter more into hand – and we meant that literally. Yes, it’s a collection of Polo Bear watch, specially made to celebrate the golden year.

Featuring the iconic mascot in four different outfits (embodying some of the brand’s signature looks) hand painted on the watches’ cream colored dials. A selection of three different straps (alligator skin, calfskin and the classy necktie silk twill patterns). Each timepiece will be priced at $2,000 and to be sold at Ralph Lauren’s webstore soon.