Rado’s New Retro Timepiece

A VINTAGE REVIVAL. The HyperChrome 1616 is a limited edition timepiece that plays as an homage to Rado’s classic Cape Horn collection from the late ’60s, with a modern twist

The story behind Rado’s classic Cape Horn collection tells the tale of the perilous journey of two Dutch explorers set out to discover the southernmost tip of South America, Cape Horn. To commemorate the brave souls that ventured through the trying challenges to reach Cape Horn back in 1616, Swiss watchmaking company Rado released its first Cape Horn collection in 1969. The original Cape Horn featured a squared case, which at that time was a departure from Rado’s more traditional round-shaped cases and seen as a very bold design. The premise of the Rado Cape Horn was to aid explorers and also celebrate their spirit of discovery, hence the timepieces made as tough as nails with the materials available at that time.

Over 400 years after the discovery of Cape Horn, Rado has revived its classic design and given it some updated features. Dubbed the Hyperchrome 1616, the reinvented watch maintains certain visual aspects of the original, for instance the squared case and classic display, but updated many features such as a larger diameter (46mm), a sapphire crystal, and the use of titanium and ceramics to create a much tougher case, plus an upgraded automatic movement which utilizes the Caliber CO7.621. The Hyperchrome 1616 comes in three different versions, high-tech ceramic in matte black and brown along with one in hardened titanium. All variations are available in an extra-wide distressed leather strap in black and brown for the ceramic versions and “tan” for the titanium version.

With a limited production of only 400 pieces and the unique retro design of the Rado Hyperchrome 1616 is sure to make it a prized collectable timepiece.