Presenting Our DAMAN Style Spring/Summer 2019 With Two Variant Covers

This season, we released our biannual men’s style guide for the spring/summer 2019 edition with two covers – featuring international top male models, Jason Anthony and George Alsford!

Tane Coffin, Brad Homes, Madison Voloshin, Jason Anthony, Louis Vuitton
Jason Anthony on the first cover, outfit by Louis Vuitton
George Alsford, Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack, Britton Litow, Castillo
George Alsford on the second cover; shirt by Ashley Isham, watch by Rolex, vintage necklace from Jane’s Jewelry

A message from our Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief Ronald Liem

For decades, if not centuries, fashion has often been cited for being out of touch. The usual accusations tend to either lean towards “putting up impossible image standards” or “creating things that no one will ever think of wearing.” naturally, these become especially common during Fashion Week.

Responding to these kinds of criticisms more often than not feels like trying to herd cats. Those who know understand that there is much more to fashion shows, wildly creative designs and professional modes than perpetuating impossible standards and art for the sake of art. For one, just look at the stories of the models we have in this issue of DAMAN Style. There’s Jason Anthony who didn’t let the promise of a glamorous life convince him to abandon his pursuit for a proper education; there’s the uber-humble Michael Oder whose work ethic would put most of us to shame; or Romanian-born Florin Sopcu who has leveraged his experience in the biz to help aspiring young models make it in the industry.

Yes, they work for luxury fashion brands, travel to some of the most exotic locales for what might sound like easy work and get to party with celebrities after spending a grand total of less than five minutes on a runway. Take a minute to look deeper into how approach their job, interact with those they work with and you will see that they are hard-working pros with a lot of heart.

That also goes to fashion brands, designers and creative directors. There is always a balance between artistic abandon and practical considerations. And then there’s also a balance between expressing creativity and expressing support for real causes: Environmentalism, protests against violence and—most importantly for today—diversity.

Each issue of DAMAN Style is, first and foremost, about the latest fashion trends. This issue is no different. But behind the season’s newest pieces are so many stories that matter. Stories of individuals who are not just paragons of male beauty but also exemplary human beings; stories of the most luxurious apparel creators showcasing how they want to lead change for the sake of the smallest among us. And that is why I believe DAMAN Style, in a way, matters. So, I invite you to join me in delving into the season’s most exciting sartorial delights and all the tales that form the heart of fashion. Happy reading.

What’s Inside DAMAN Style Spring/Summer 2019



PARIS –  Athletic fashion and crisp tailoring take center stage as newly instated creative directors
make their long awaited debuts

MILAN – Some succeeded and some fumbled, but it’s clear that the street wear high influence is catching up with the fashion houses, even in Milan

LONDON – As a melting pot for creativity and innovation, London showcases the importance of diversity this spring/summer

NEW YORK –  While it is arguably the youngest fashion capital, New York once again shows us what it means to be a city that never sleeps


FABIO PANZERI – Braun Büffel’s creative director joins DAMAN in a chat about his first full collection for the house and the big changes happening to the 131-year old leather goods brand

SUSANNA PERINI – The woman behind fashion and lifestyle brand Biasa, shares her latest collection, the current state of men’s fashion and more

HARRY HALIM – Setting the standard for creating first class works, we talk with him about his recent venture into menswear


WALK THE LINE – The multi-talented Levi Stocke talks about his many interests, his unique career path and his
Photographs by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

THE ROLE MODEL – Armed with years of experience, Florin Sopcu shares his story about being a mentor for a new generation of models.
Photographs by Oltin Dogaru

THE LONDON BLOKE – DAMAN catches up with the London based model for a chat about his busy modeling days and future acting project.
Photographs by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

STANDING TALL – An all too short chat with model Jason Anthony about walking for Dolce & Gabbana, meeting Will Smith backstage after a show and working with Karl Lagerfeld.
Photographs by Tane Coffin

KEEPING IT REAL – While relatively new in the biz, Michael Oder has quite an impressive portfolio. This is the story behind his success.
Photographs by Luise Reichert