Presenting Our DAMAN April/May 2019 Issue

Your favorite men’s lifestyle magazine’s 12th anniversary issue have hit the  newsstands – featuring seasoned character actor Jacon Clarke on the cover.

Jason Clarke, Ermenegildo Zegna, Mitchell McCormack
Jason Clarke on the cover; outfit by Ermenegildo Zegna

A message from our Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief Ronald Liem

Shoot for the moon, wrote American author Norman Vincent Peale, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. About this time, twelve years ago, I shot for the moon and DAMAN was born. The question, then, is whether the magazine did reach the moon or whether it is now among the stars.

In a way, I think it did both, even if I do say so myself. DAMAN has now become the foremost men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine in Indonesia, and it has accomplished this as an original, homegrown brand. But at the same time, I can’t help but feel that DAMAN has also landed among the stars and grown far beyond what I originally envisioned. We’ve added the Style and Caliber special issues to our lineup; we’ve moved forward by leaps and bounds in terms of digital content; we’ve expanded our video creation capabilities to include campaigns for brand … and that’s just in terms of content and media. Development of DAMAN’s event organizing portfolio is a whole other story.

Also, those are just the big changes. Smaller, more subtle improvements are also popping up regularly. For this anniversary issue, for instance, we’ve talked to six notable Indonesian news anchors as we look to once again expand our list of exemplary gentlemen that we look up to. That being said, there are also big changes in the works, and I assure you, you will definitely notice it when it comes.

Finally, my team and I often ask the figures we interview questions along the lines of: “If you could meet yourself from ten years ago, what would you tell them?” Now I find myself asking: “If I could meet myself twelve years ago when I was about to launch the first issue of DAMAN, what would I say to myself?” Perhaps it would be: “Shoot for the moon. You will eventually reach it and while doing so you will journey among the stars.”

For now, please join me in celebrating 12 awesome years of DAMAN and dreaming of another 12 years and beyond. Happy reading.

What’s Inside the April/May 2019 Issue


Journeyman in Action – DAMAN catches up with Australian actor Jason Clarke and chats about his journey in one of the darkest novels by Stephen King and more
Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

Rise to The Challenge – In her second appearance on DAMAN, Pevita Pearce talks about her latest movie, new challenge, her personal projects and more
Photography Burhan Prawira

Jake of All Trades – Jake Borelli explains about his character from “Grey’s Anatomy” as part of the show’s first same-sex storyline between two male doctors with DAMAN
Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

Top of His Game – From teen heartthrob to a courageous soldier, Australian born Daniel MacPherson chats about the range of his acting career and doing his own stunts with DAMAN
Photography Joshua Tendero


Broadcast News – We see their faces every day, delivering news of the world to Indonesian viewers. Here are six of the best news anchors, exclusively for DAMAN ’S 12th anniversary issue
Photography Robby Agus

A New Day Has Come –  We select some of the best looks from the latest spring/summer 2019 trends from floral prints, plaids, to metallic touch to inspire your outfit
Photography Thomas Sito

Stay in Trend – It’s time to celebrate the new season. with something different. From floral to geometric prints, these are the updated looks you need for to rock the next season.
Photography Andre Wiredja

Summer Breeze – Summers are best spent in the company of the sea with a casual and more relaxed looks. Soak up the ever relaxing sun, the summer days are here to stay
Photography Ronald Liem