Prada Taps Jude Law for a New Kind of Campaign Nobody Has Seen Before

SEASON OF CHANGE. The brand’s super surrealist fashion film was just the beginning



We should have known that Prada’s David O. Russell-directed fashion film, which was released in November 2016, was a sign of things to come. The fashion house furthers plans to revolutionize their fashion campaign with a newly unveiled concept.

Named “365,” the new concept will see Prada releasing multiple images showcasing Prada’s collections continuously throughout the year. “Instead of representing a singular idea… for an entire season,” there will be images after images with different stories, settings and characters.

The spring/summer 2017 campaign signals the debut of 365. Prada has released the first images from the campaign, which are divided into five different themes: Pathways, Frontiers, Stations, Exits and Terrains. Each theme exists in its separate reality and dimension, with its own color, environment and cast. With so many images to choose from, Prada’s audience will definitely find at least one to which they can relate.

Among the five themes, Terrains, which stars Jude Law, has been getting a lot of attention. Law, like the rest of the models in the spring/summer 2017 campaign, was photographed by Willy Vanderperre in a film noir-ish landscape of monochrome sand dunes.



The campaign film is live now on See more of the released images (from the other themes) on the next pages.

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