Prada Delivers the Shirts of the Season

ARTPOCALYSPE. Miuccia Prada does it again, blending utilitarian, art and fashion




Economic upheaval and political insecurities plaguing the world has strongly inspired the brand’s powerful presentation for fall/winter ’16/’17.

The models donned disheveled tops, with cuffs left open and collars folded backward. There is a certain sense of madness, mirroring what Prada believes to be the state of the world today.

The highlights of the collection are shirts sporting artworks by Berlin-based French artist Christophe Chemin. There are four images in total: “Impossible True Love” shows Cleopatra kissing James Dean; “Banquet Thieves” depicts rats at a feast; “Survival Utopia” is a modern re-imagination of Noah’s Ark; “The Important ones” puts together Hercules, Sigmund Freud, Nina Simone, Che Guevara, among others, in a fight club.

Needless to say, these are the hottest shirts of the season.