Pietro Boselli Makes Perfect Ambassador for Lab Series’ New Meteor-Infused Products

THE ARRIVAL. Lab Series unveils a new Men’s skincare product with alien technology



Lab Series‘ new Maxellence collection is literally out of this world. How can it not when it’s made from meteorite?

Consisting of Dual Concentrate and Singular Cream, the Maxellence collection is made from a meteorite extract. Perfected using space technology, the meteorite becomes a powerful ingredient that supports skin’s natural collagen.

In the Dual Concentrate, this alien ingredient helps replenishing moisture for younger-looking and smoother skin. The texture makes Dual Concentrate easy and fast to absorb.



Designed to use after the Dual Concentrate is the Singular Cream, the ultra-hydrating moisturizer. The meteorite extract works to the extreme in the Singular Cream, smoothing lines and brightening a dull complexion. The cream has black color, which makes you feel like falling into the deep abyss of space when you stare too much at it.



Chosen as the ambassador of the collection is, who else but Pietro Boselli, the top model who also happens to be a genius engineer and former Math Professor. “My studies in engineering have shown me the importance of precise and innovative research to understand how things operate and work. With out of this world ingredients and the amount of technology that went into developing this product, Maxellence has definitely raised the bar for advanced skincare,” he comments.