Pharrell Williams Gets “Backstage” Access to Chanel’s Atelier

Must be one of the perks of having Karl Lagerfeld as a BFF




Back in 2014, Pharrell Williams composed a song for and starred with Cara Delevingne in Chanel‘s short film in 2014 called “Reincarnation,” which was released in conjunction with the unveiling of Paris-Salzburg Métiers d’art (meaning pre-fall) collection in 2014.

A close friend of Karl Lagerfeld himself, Pharrell has now appeared in a new film for the fashion house’s Paris in Rome 2015/2016 Métiers d’art collection. But don’t expect to see him act or sing again, though. The new film follows Pharrell during his visit to Chanel’s atelier; a privilege bestowed upon select individuals. There, Pharrell got to meet the craftsmen and craftswomen who made the Paris in Rome collection possible. He even got to lay his hands on a piece of what looks like a very luxurious material.

Chanel recently published the video on its official YouTube channel. Check it out below: