Peek at Lanvin’s Winter 2017 Pre-Collection

ANTICIPATE THE CHILL. To anticipate the upcoming chill of winter, Lanvin shares its winter 2017 pre-collection which combines classic tailoring with an urban vibe

Although the heat of summer is still in the air, Lanvin Man doesn’t want to linger in the warm weather for too long, knowing it will soon pass. Already anticipating the arrival of winter the Parisian Fashion house has recently announced its winter 2017 pre-collection. Under the creative direction of Lucas Ossendrijver, the pre-collection takes notes of classic Americana tailoring ethics that have been given a sporty touch with a nod to the current urban trends of today.

Drawing inspiration from classic military style, the collection features chinos that have been given a slight twist yet still maintain the true lines of a military look, creating a nicely tailored silhouette that is available in distinct colors such as red, navy blue and black. Combine the classic military style with vintage American designs reminiscent of the 1940s, creates a classic cultured look that resembles something your grandparents may have worn back in the day. Not to make the whole look seem too old fashioned and to also give it an urban vibe, the prints and fabrics are worked and distressed and double dyed and some given patches to create a look of well-worn clothes. Something like distressed jeans but for the whole outfit. By masterfully combining the many pieces in the collection, it is hoped that one can create a look that is both retro as well as stylish with nods to urban style. A totally stylish way to keep warm this winter.