Patrick Owen Launched Virtual Philanthropic Campaign

The fashion presentation for Patrick Owen’s Quarantine Diary 2020 collection was done virtually

If there’s one thing that we can agree on during this pandemic is definitely the importance of maintaining discipline in terms of social distancing. On the flip side, it’s no less important for us to maintain a positive mindset. And finding the time to be playful at times will go a long way in maintaining one’s wellbeing during these challenging times. To inspire more people to keep that in mind, Patrick Owen launched its Quarantine Diary 2020 campaign in a safe and humorous way via a virtual presentation.

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As previously reported, Patrick Owen came up with the idea of creating a series of T-shirts with hilarious illustrations to spark laughter amid the challenges of living amid a pandemic. Titled the Patrick Owen Quarantine Diary 2020, the T-shirts also come with matching non-medical masks.


More importantly, 30 percent of the proceeds from sales of this collection will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, which provides shelter for frontline medical staff after their daily fight against COVID-19 at the hospitals.


Back to the virtual presentation, Owen certainly delivered a casual and creative visual showcase of his pcollection—in a format that is new to the whole industry—with a hopeful tone for the audience at home. At first, the presentation started with fashion editors, celebrity friends and influencers who expressed their interest in supporting the cause.

More positive vibes was brought by Angel Pieters, who sang Tori Kelly’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” with her bright and unique tone to send out a message about, well, not worrying.  Meanwhile, models from the WYNN models agency showcased the pieces in sassy and witty poses from their own “runways” at home.

Lensed by Vicky Tanzil and styled by Allysha Nila, every part about this virtual presentation was done with zero physical contact. The resulting images will surely put a smile on anyone’s face and are available on Patrick Owen’s official Instagram account. Moreover, plenty of celebrities and public figures have shown their support for the campaign and its philanthropic element.

Rio Dewanto

Aero Aswar

Daniel Adnan

Roy Sungkono

Wulan Guritno


With a sense of humor to spark laughter, positive vibes and also a good cause to support, Patrick Owen’s Quarantine Diary 2020 reminds us to appreciate the little things in life and find simple joy from our daily routines with style.