Parisis.H Collection from Longchamp

Longchamp’s Parisis.H men’s bag collection is contemporary vintage in its truest sense: The lining is adorned by a motif of a horse and the rider–the brand’s iconic logo–and the bags are made of one of a kind leather that would look better with age.


Parisis.H, the new men’s collection from Longchamp, sure does have everything in the bag. First of all, the collection contains the always-trendy messenger bag, the edgy and unconventional clutch, as well as two highly functional hobo bags, with pockets that can hold your laptop or iPad.

The bags are made from supple metis leather, which is a combination of goatskin and lambskin. The look and feel of metis leather resembles lambskin, only better, since it’s less fragile.

What’s more, a motif of a galloping horse and its rider, which is a reminiscent of the one used by Longchamp for its 1950s tissue paper, is printed on the lining, giving Parisis.H a special vintage vibe.