Our Top 4 Unisex Fragrances

BETTER THAN SEX. What are your thoughts when you stumble on a fragrance marked “unisex”?


Top 4 Unisex Fragrances DA MAN


Calvin Klein may have gotten away with it successfully, but similar offerings from other brands might have gone unnoticed or become the subject of prejudice.

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li by Hermès is a citrusy pick that could easily complement either sex. Yet, the yellow and pretty casing might be a bit of a turn-off for some guys.

Eau de Cartier Vetiver Blue and Eau Plurielle by Diptyque play it safe with minimalistic flacons. While the former oozes an herbal, minty seduction, the latter emanates regal elegance through fresh and sweet rosy traces.

In a similar vein, Oud Satin Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is alluringly floral but with extra oomph.

These unisex options, if any, help reiterate the generic adage of “never judge a book by its cover.” Besides, when it comes to good smells, there’s just so much more to discover than which sex it was designed for.