Grooming: 5 Hairstyles to Match Your Personality

Not only is hair one’s crowning glory, it is also a medium through which men make a style statement. Whether it be Wall Street chic, sleek and sporty or grunge garage, these five hairstyles are visual tells that exemplify who you are, better than any designer garb could.


1. Wall Street Chic


One must always take extra caution when sporting this particular style, as too much hair product on a slicked-back hair could drift into d-bag territory. Take a cue from Justin Timberlake, who sports the slicked-back hair to perfection.


2. Boho Surfer



Summer is around the corner, and what better way to welcome the sun than a beachy hairstyle? Work some texturizing spray into your medium-length locks for that “just-got-back-from-surfing” look.


3. Grunge Garage


Music enthusiasts would agree that head-banging is more fun when you have long hair. For a less extreme, more polished look, Jared Leto’s slightly disheveled mane is the perfect example.


4. Sleek and Sporty


If you’re an avid sportsman looking for a hairstyle that’s practical yet suave, look no further than Cristiano Ronaldo’s stylish crew-cut.


5. Modern Rockabilly


David Beckham sports the updated, edgier version of the old-fashioned ‘50s sky-high Rockabilly hair.

 Simplicity is often the key to immaculate design.