One of the Minds Behind G-Shock Talks Us Through Casio’s New Master of G Watches

MADE TO LAST. G-Shock releases three Master of G Series to stand the test of time and the forces of nature


Casio G-Shock three variants of the Mudmaster watch
Three variants of the Mudmaster watch


The world seems to have taken a 180-degree turn since G-Shock was first introduced by Casio 33 years ago. Back then, people didn’t travel that much, and only a few would engage in extreme sports or enjoy trekking off the beaten path. But now, people do all of that and more, and more often than not, they’d proudly document their escapades on social media.

Becoming the timekeeping partner for such daring adventurers might not have been the initial idea behind the Master of G series, created by G-Shock more than 20 years ago; but other than these tough and powerful watches, what else comes close for this task?

“The basic idea was to create G-Shock pieces that can withstand all kinds of environments and pressure,” begins Tatsuya Izaki, section manager of product planning at Casio, during his recent visit to Jakarta. “We explored the notion of ‘all kinds of environments and pressure’ through interviews with soldiers as well as field and rescue workers. Based on their needs, we came up with the first digital series, such as the Frogman, the Mudman, etc. All entails the ending ‘man,’ because we wanted to emphasize on ‘toughness.’” This is on top of the “three 10” philosophy of Casio timepieces, which state that each watch should be able to withstand a fall from 10 meters, be water-resistant up to at least 10 bars (100 meters) and possess a battery life of 10 years minimum (depending on usage).

In the 2000s, G-Shock elevated the series for the mainstream market by recreating the dials in analog form. The case may turn out to be among the largest among G-Shock pieces, yet the Master of G series remains the most durable in the brand’s wide-ranging portfolio. The evolution continues to this very day, and G-Shock, being a thoroughly Japanese company, never ceases to perfect every aspect of the series.

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