One New Yorker Taking Hollywood by Storm: Ben Schnetzer


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DA MAN: You just completed production on “SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead”, a sequel to 1998 cult classic “SLC Punk!” Can you briefly explain the premise?
Ben Schnetzer: “SLC Punk!” is about a group of punks growing up in Salt Lake City and their relationship with the conflict posed by their surroundings and their own culture. The follow-up shows some of the original characters and their kids eighteen years later and how the punk scene in the US has evolved.

DA MAN: You’ve already explored several different acting mediums but is there one you prefer?
Ben Schnetzer: I’ve really enjoyed doing film over the past year and certainly hope to continue. I do feel very at home in the theater though, as it’s where I fell in love with acting. I was just talking to another actor in “Punk’s Dead,” and the parallel we came up with is that making a film is like recording an album, and doing a play is like playing a live concert. Ideally, the dream is to do both!



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DA MAN: Though not always appreciated, most actors have to work very hard at their craft. Are there any areas of your repertoire that you’ve particularly had to work on?
Ben Schnetzer: I think the eternal battle, as far as craft is concerned, is developing ways to deal with self-doubt. As a performer, it’s easy to feel that your insecurity can isolate you, when in reality it’s just about the only thing you’ve got in common with everyone else. Another by-product of being from New York, I also had to do a lot of voice work at drama school because I was speaking too fast!


“I try and look at every job as a workshop, to always learn something from whom I’m working with”


DA MAN: Outside of acting, how do you spend your free time?
Ben Schnetzer: I try and read as much as I can novels, memoirs, the news it’s easy to lose perspective in this job. Otherwise, I love to travel between spending time with friends and family.

DA MAN: Where do you want to be in ten years’ time?
Ben Schnetzer: In ten years, I just hope I’m able to continue doing work that is meaningful and fulfilling to me. I would also really love to direct theater one day, so hopefully that’s in store sometime in the not-too-distant future.


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