Oliver Cheshire Talks Life as a Male Model to DA MAN Style FW16

LONDON CALLING. Some male models pose for a living, others for passion for fashion. Belonging to the latter is Londoner and male modeling poster boy Oliver Cheshire, who currently also dabbles in writing and fashion design


Oliver Cheshire for DA MAN Style FW16 in outfit by salvatore Ferragamo
Outfit by Salvatore Ferragamo


With menswear now enjoying an ongoing rise in the fashion industry, the male modeling trade is slowly but surely revealing its long-dormant power. Oliver Cheshire is among a select few who have been able to churn out a sharp increase in sales for brands whose campaign he fronts. What sets this Londoner further apart from his peers is his dedication to fashion, which extends beyond the sphere of modeling.

The 28-year-old is often spotted in handsome sartorial ensembles on a day-to-day basis, blogs about men’s style and now has a hand in fashion designing. The fact that he’s been modeling for more than a decade only adds weight to whatever he says and, well, wears. Surely, he’s not afraid to show it.


DA MAN: Hi Oliver, thank you for making time to chat with us. So, how are you doing and what are you currently busy working on?
Oliver Cheshire: I’m doing very well. Thanks. I’m currently working on my personal website/blog, iwearthetrousers.com, which is a style and travel blog, with a mixture of things I get up to!

DA MAN: How’s 2016 shaping up for you?
Oliver Cheshire: Bloody great!

DA MAN: Any big projects coming up for the rest of the year?
Oliver Cheshire: I’m still working very closely with Marks & Spencer, which is always exciting. I’m also experimenting with designing a clothing brand at the moment—a smart casual brand that will show men a new way of dressing. That’s all I can say at the moment. So, keep watching this space!

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