No Surprises: Acqua di Parma Colonia Quercia is All About Simplicity of Taste

OAKY DOKEY. For its latest olfactory formula, Acqua di Parma scoured the shaded region of Piedmont in Italy




The smells of this serene plateau are potently soothing, in large part owing to the oak trees that flourish in the area.

This natural fragrance is siphoned into the latest Colonia Quercia, an eau de cologne concentrate that is steeped in quiet confidence.

Citrusy whiffs first seduce the nose, but it isn’t long until the reinvigorating warm, woody nuances begin to unfurl, slowly and lastingly.

There are no major surprises or unfamiliar riffs, as the Colonial Quercia is essentially made for those who take pleasure in quality men’s cologne and the simplicity of taste.

Available at Glow Living Beauty in two sizes: 100ml and 180ml.