News: Prada Galleria

ÉLAN OF MILAN. Although Prada is presently a global brand, its heart remains in nowhere else but Milan.

Its centennial fête brings forth a major refurbishment not only to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – both the world’s oldest shopping mall and where Mario Prada opened his first shop in 1913 – but also to another historical site in Largo Isarco in the southern part of the city. The former will see the rise of Prada Galleria, which houses the expansion of the store with a new shop on the ground floor dedicated to the men’s collections; a restaurant on the mezzanine; and upper floors as exhibition spaces for the Fondazione Prada. Yet the headquarters of the Fondazione Prada will anchor at the latter location, an industrial site undergoing a transformation to be a seven-story tower, replete with an auditorium, restaurant, concert and movie halls and a separate block called the “Ideal Museum” for temporary exhibitions.