New Way to Customize Your Gucci Sneakers

GUCCI UP YOUR SNEAKS. Gucci has released embroidered patches specially designed to style up your high-fashion Gucci sneakers

With the launch of Gucci’s Ace sneakers, the Italian luxury fashion house has given the common street-wear essentials a high-fashion status. Not satisfied to leave the sporty footwear as it is, Alessandro Michele, the creative director behind the fashionable sneakers, has once again incorporated classic Gucci designs to create removable embroidered patches that can easily be applied to the throat line of the shoe.

The patches will be available for both low-cut and high-cut styles of the sneakers and will be available pre-fall 2017. New purchases of the Gucci Ace Sneaker will come with a pair of patches, and there will be a total of nine collectible patches available for fans to Gucci up their sneakers however they like. Keep your eyes peeled for the patch collection sometime this May.