New Campaign to Celebrate CK One’s 20th Anniversary

REMINICENT YOUTH. Two decades have passed since Calvin Klein launched its uni-sex fragrance CK One and commemorate the moment, Calvin Klein launches a new campaign

The new CK One campaign

What were you doing when you turned 20? An age when the world has just opened for many, when teenage adolescence has passed yet many are still unwilling to grow up and receive the responsibilities of an adult. This seems to be the image that Calvin Klein seems to want to depict in its latest campaign celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its iconic uni-sex fragrance CK One.

Back when the gender-neutral fragrance launched in the mid-nineties it helped redefine the boundaries of what a modern fragrance should be. By blurring the boundaries built by society differentiating what a particular gender should or shouldn’t smell like. The arrival of CK One to the fragrance scene offered a freedom from convention and the status quo, a breaking of the rules that was sought after by a whole generation. It is no wonder the fragrance has withstood the stand of time and speaks to those with a rebellious streak.

A look at a CK One print campaign from 20 years ago

For its latest campaign, the fashion brand a number of familiar faces you may recognize from Raf Simons’ recently launched Calvin Klein 205W39NYC spring campaign. Directed by Zal Batmanglij, the video campaign celebrates youth while poking fun at the self-expressionism of the high-speed communication world of today. Like someone who has just turned 20, the video showcases a series of coming-of-age moments that are linked by voicemail messages that ends with the whole cast reuniting on a NYC rooftop. As for the print campaign, photographer Willy Vanderperre is once again trusted to capture an image of today’s youth shot against the New York Skyline.

Below is the new CK One video campaign.